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Bad-Ass Beasts

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[11 Jan 2005|09:46pm]

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[08 Jan 2005|04:54am]

[ mood | dick has been hard 4 4 hours ]

Name: Andy and G dawg to those who know about a tweek fiending math teacher with a sense of humor and no math skills.
Age: 18 currently 19 on 4 28, true stoner IS always late.
Location: columbus, ohio its a joke but great bud laws.
Sexual Preference: I guess straight me and my girl dig the kinky shit if thats part of the question and we somehow got on the topic of me kissing conor oberst tonight not really my thing but I'd do anything for her SOMEBODY has to feel me on that with someone lovely blissfilled feeling, shes a big fan thanks to me hope you dont hate on the lil indie or emo or whatever you'd like to call it i still listen to.

Top Five Favorite Bands: in no order, Leftover Crack, Sublime, Stabbing Westward, Bone Thugs N Harmony[gotta love the local hip hop] and um Sublime? /edit red hot chilli peppers also get alot of play around here, been diggin on what hits ALOT
Three Favorite Songs: currently, stabbing westward - waking up beside you um.. sublime - ball and chain and um yeah two I lose, I listen to alot of the same stuff over and over cds at least, lazy and stoned so you see whats been up the last few days. /edit red hot chilli peppers show me your soul/if you want me to stay they in a row so they count as one to me.
Do you snowboard/ski?: looks like fun don't get me wrong but my money goes to ganj, ohio isnt really the best place for that most of the time anyway, at least in the city.
Whats your favorite season: summer without a doubt, lay around smokin bud all day not having to do shit, not that that stops me in the winter from slacking but its so warm and nice outside in the summer, I personally love smoking outside on a nice warm sunny ass day
Tell us your CRAZIEST adventure:
trying to quit smoking cigs sure is turning out to be one
I do my share of crazy shit but I'd much rather mention something thats less incriminating towards me, I guess my crazy story is just watchin my friends when I'm all blazed enjoyin their yayo and lucy candy flipping and shit hehe, its ammusing to me at least. Almost stabbed a friend in the head tonight as a joke gone wrong hehe anti drug commercial all over it
What is your opinion on drugs?: myself bud for the last four years of my life this april 20th or feb sometime to be more exact, K a few times 2 years ago, keep my nose clean now but my lungs are filled with resin.
What is your opinion on "emo": if this is one of those communitys thats pro even giving a shit about labels either way, I think its all bullshit that people give a fuck one way or the other I simpy keep to myself and dont care if people want to be cool hip emo or whatever and are or are posers either way none of that shit could really concern me, either way I do like a little bit of 'emo' dont listen to much of it anymore though, still listen to the cds once and a while, same with alot of ska now too hehe and an off topic to my long winded stoned rant of bordom, sucks how most ska bands seem to break up or stop playing ska doesnt it yeah question for you mofos
What is your opinion on labels?: dont make me copy paste what I just said in that rant
What is your opinion on teen sex?: waited for love myself, found it, happyness, worth it least thats my thoughts, as for waiting for marriage yeah people are horny least most people I know, I do know one or two people waiting for it though and more power to them I guess I'd fuck the mods too, I'm honest blunt if you will so ban me now if that type of shit offends you because hookahs tell no lies.

Two promotions, give us the links: as for promotions, yeah

Give us at least three CLEAR pics of yourself: I dont have any pics of myself or a burnout friendly digital camera, stoned bordom tryin to get some love for my old community I never gave any love if you want to add me or rate me feel free sorry for no pics but you got some rants and twisted views. stay high kids

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[27 Dec 2004|04:52pm]

Sexual Preference:*cough*

Top Five Favorite Bands:pink floyd, band of gypses, the doors, nofx, beatles (yea fuck you), saves the day and oops i went over five
Three Favorite Songs: celebration of the lizard king, have a cigar, lucy in the sky with diamonds
Do you snowboard/ski?: snowboard...used to...suck at life now
Whats your favorite season:WINTER
Tell us your CRAZIEST adventure: ummmm. it was more of an adventure in my head lol...during the summer my cousin and i smoked 7 bowls and a blunt in a day and my mind was flipping out and joyous nd such

What is your opinion on drugs?: fun shit
What is your opinion on "emo": music? good sometimes
What is your opinion on labels?: lables can suck these nuts
What is your opinion on teen sex?: GIT-R-DONE

Two promotions, give us the links:
Give us at least three CLEAR pics of yourself:
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Brand New [26 Dec 2004|03:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok everyone, you wanna join? You should. First 10 in get in w/o application, though we would like a picture to know you by. So, first ten, c'mon in.

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